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Cemen Tech combines volumetric mixing with dual bin design in new concrete mixer

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A Cemen Tech CD2 dual bin volumetric mixer Cemen Tech

Cemen Tech's new CD2 is the next generation in its line of computerized dual bin volumetric concrete mixers. This fully automated addition to the C Series lineup features a unique split bin with individual compartments to transport and blend various supplementary cementing materials (SCMs). Notably, the mixer is equipped to handle fly ash, a crucial component mandated by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards and municipalities.

"Experience is our foundation, and it fuels our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in volumetric concrete solutions," says Connor Deering, CEO and president of Cemen Tech. "The Cemen Tech CD2 builds upon this legacy, providing contractors with a tool that not only meets but exceeds their expectations in terms of accuracy, durability, and efficiency."

The CD2 combines Cemen Tech's volumetric mixing technology with a new SCM dual bin, enabling real-time mixing of individual ingredients at any proportions needed without extra equipment or expense. Its convenience, customization, and cost benefits make it a valuable addition to a contractor's fleet, opening doors to more work. The dual bin design also doubles the amount of mixes this unit can produce.

Cemen Tech says that the CD2 allows operators to produce more durable and sustainable concrete. The special split bins hold up to 115 cubic feet of cement and 80 cubic feet of fly ash.

Like other Cemen Tech volumetric mixers, the CD2 ensures precision in measuring, mixing, and dispensing concrete from a single unit. Each ingredient – sand, stone, cement powder, fly ash, water, and additives – is stored in separate compartments and mixed precisely on-site. Cemen Tech says that this approach allows for quick quality control testing, reducing downtime, and material waste.

Beyond its mixing capabilities, the CD2 replaces traditional bag filters with cartridge filters, eliminating the need to add and remove bags from the filter system. This simplifies maintenance and improves filtration while offering operators convenience when pneumatically filling the cement bin.

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