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Hitachi fleshes out updated medium and large excavator line with six new models

An excavator works next to a crusher.
Six new ZAXIS-7 excavator models from Hitachi have a range of upgraded features. Hitachi

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has added six new models to its ZAXIS-7 medium and large excavator line, each with upgraded features improving comfort, visibility, fuel efficiency, durability, and productivity.

The new machines range in operating weight from 58,433 to 192,938 pounds.

"The new ZX-7 generation of mid- to large-sized excavators features an array of new features and benefits to exceed the high standards set by our customers. These excavators have been engineered to be straightforward, effective, and productive for the operator while providing an extremely high level of comfort," said Patrick Baker, product manager for medium and large excavators, Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas.

A redesigned cab is larger and features less vibration and noise, improving the operating experience and reducing fatigue throughout the day. The cab features increased head clearance and legroom, and an ergonomic layout with intuitive controls that are more convenient. An adjustable air suspension seat is synchronized to move with the console. The new design enhances visibility on the right side of the cab.

Noise has been reduced through increased thickness of the rear glass, and a seal has been added between the cab and floor plate. This improves the airtightness of the cab to keep dust out, even when the air conditioner is running. Four fluid-filled elastic cab mounts reduce vibration when traveling.

Additional visibility comes through Hitachi's Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system, which offers five different camera views from inside the cab on an 8-inch anti-glare LCD monitor. This includes a wide 270-degree bird's-eye view of the machine's immediate environment. Operators can quickly and easily select a view on the monitor that best suits the situation. A rearview camera allows the operator to see the area right below the counterweight.

ZAXIS-7 machines feature next-generation hydraulic systems and strengthened components. Hitachi

Next-generation hydraulic systems are reliable and productive

Next-generation hydraulic systems paired with Isuzu engines ensure the ZAXIS-7 excavators are reliable, use less fuel, and are productive in tough working conditions.

ZAXIS-7 models from the ZX130-7 through the ZX890LC-7 use the TRIAS III, TRIAS II, or HIOS V hydraulic system solutions depending on which best matches the machine's size and application.

A two-way pattern change valve is standard on many models and available on others, allowing operators to choose their preferred ISO or SAE control pattern. Standard auxiliary piping and relief valves on models from the ZX130-7 to ZX490-7 improve operation and help protect the machines while they run breaker or hammer attachments. This is a dealer-installed option on the ZX690LC-7 and ZX890LC-7.

Critical components have been enhanced for strength, including the X beam undercarriage. An anti-mud-compaction lower roller design helps prevent mud from damaging oil seals. Upper and lower rollers also feature improved idler sealing. A track undercover protects the joint from potential damage. Strengthened boom ends and feet add to long-term reliability. For durability, the bushings are installed in the brackets at the boom ends and boom feet.

Uptime updates protect components and improve maintenance

A multifunction monitor makes tracking maintenance easier, indicating preset maintenance intervals every time the key is turned on. Engine oil and coolant levels can be checked right from the operator's seat.

Critical components are protected in the new design, including engine air filters, which have an inner element that protects the engine from dust ingress while cleaning the outer element. The air conditioner has a sealed internal filter that prevents intrusion of dust.

Hitachi's ConSite telematics aids in improving uptime by monitoring operational status remotely and providing alerts as needed. ConSite OIL monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively catch issues before any fault codes are triggered in the machine. This helps drive uptime by catching oil degradation before damage to critical systems can occur. ConSite Air gives the servicing dealer the ability to diagnose issues remotely, leading to increased uptime, and allows for remote software updates.

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