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DICA showcases trio of solutions to improve concrete pump truck operations at World of Concrete

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MaxiTrack ground protection mats are designed to handle the weight of heavy equipment and trucks. DICA

At the 50th anniversary of World of Concrete, DICA will showcase a multi-pad steel dunnage system, six multi-pad systems for concrete pump truck applications, and a heavy-duty ground protection mat.

What is DICA's new multi-pad steel dunnage system?

DICA's SteelTech dunnage system utilizes steel and DICA's engineered thermoplastic material to ensure stability and load distribution performance to reduce ground-bearing pressures to acceptable levels. The interlocking design consists of eight parts that can be stored, deployed, and retrieved by a single person. 

The SteelTech dunnage system is made up of three SafetyTech outrigger base pads, four steel tubes, and is topped with a SafetyTech pad with an integrated steel plate and recessed radius to keep the outrigger float in place. The steel tubes fit into machined grooves in the SafetyTech base pads. The top pad interlocks with the steel tubes to prevent movement.

These materials and features are optimized to create a portable, long-lasting, and efficient solution for everyday use. 

"Concrete pump operators are often working alone in situations where risk levels are high. In addition, the outrigger floats on concrete pump trucks are extremely small, which concentrates pressures and makes distributing the load more difficult. Our goal was to develop an optimized system that provides the needed stability, load distribution, and overall performance that can be easily stored and doesn't require additional equipment to set up," said Kris Koberg, CEO of DICA. 

SteelTech systems are available in two sizes, the 13.5 square foot has a rated capacity of 60,000 lbs. and is designed for concrete pumps up to 49 metres. The 18.3 square foot system is rated for 110,000 lbs. and concrete pump trucks up to 70 metres. Both configurations are designed for outrigger floats up to 18 inches in diameter. 

What are DICA's multi-pad systems for concrete pump truck applications?

DICA's multi-pad systems are based on the Fiber Tech pads that range in size from 12 to 30 square feet. Multi-pad systems assist equipment operators who need to assemble supporting surfaces for outriggers without the aid of secondary equipment.

The multi-pad system was developed for concrete pump companies and operators, who face unique equipment, job site, and ground condition challenges. Frequently, operators must manually construct a solid supporting surface for their equipment's outriggers using elements that they can pick up and move by hand. 

"Our concrete pumping customers have asked for an engineered solution that are larger and lighter and can be easily assembled on the job site. We are delighted to meet these needs with multi-pad systems," Kris Koberg.

DICA's six multi-pad systems are configurations based on FiberTech Pads. They are sized to support equipment from the smallest to largest concrete pumps. Rated capacities withstand maximum outrigger forces (MORF) of 60,000 to 110,000 lbs. Ergonomically placed TuffGrip handles make it easy for the operator to pick and place the pads.

Damage from heavy equipment can be mitigated using ground protection mats. DICA

What is the MaxiTrack heavy-duty ground protection mat?

The MaxiTrack is a heavy-duty ground protection and site access mat for the North American market. Koberg says that Ground-Guards USA named DICA as a master distributor for MaxiTracks.

MaxiTrack is an access mat that can be deployed by hand for companies that need to provide temporary access for wheeled or tracked equipment weighing up to 150 tons. They are one inch thick, measure at three-by-six feet, and weigh 88 pounds, making them light enough to be handled by just two people but still have the strength and rigidity to stand up to heavy equipment traffic. 

"The strategic partnership between DICA and Ground-Guards USA presents a unique opportunity. It brings contractors a solution for projects that require more support than a medium-duty mat can provide but are still light enough to deploy and retrieve quickly by hand," said Laurie Luke, managing director of Ground-Guards Ltd.

"The patented design allows for fast assembly. A crew of four can install more than 1,000 square-feet in under an hour. When bolted together, the 4-inch overlapping flanges enable the individual mats to function as a single unit, limiting seepage, and providing an incredibly stable platform," said Kevin Koberg, strategic accounts manager at DICA. 

In addition to roadways, MaxiTrack can be configured for tight areas and in asymmetrical shapes. For projects that cover large areas, four mats can be pre-assembled and mechanically lifted into place from lifting points to accelerate deployment.

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