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Cummins next-generation hydrogen engine to make Intermat appearance

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The B6.7H hydrogen engine is built on Cummins' fuel-agnostic platform and can be fitted easily into construction equipment. Cummins

Cummins is continuing its efforts to diversify fuel use in its internal combustion engines and will show its next-generation hydrogen engine to the construction industry for the first time at Intermat 2024.

Following on from the 15-litre fuel-agnostic engine displayed at CONEXPO 2023, Cummins is exhibiting the new B6.7 engine platform with the same capacity, fitted out as the B6.7H, at Intermat, along with storage equipment to provide the engines with fuel.

"Continued investment in the development of our internal combustion engines remains a key part of the company's strategy towards Destination Zero.  We are targeting further improvements in performance and efficiency alongside compatibility with cleaner fuels. This must be achieved without impacting operations, weight, or uptime," said Antonio Leitao, Vice President of Cummins' Off-Highway Engine Business.

The fuel-agnostic platform enables a consistent mounting and space requirement for an engine that can run on clean diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, or hydrogen. The main engine block remains the same, while the head and fuel system being the key changes. These engines can be installed in the same equipment as today's diesel engines while also using the same transmission, cooling systems, and hydraulic systems, which reduces complexity for OEMs and their customers. Maintenance practices and costs are also comparable to diesel engines.

Intermat attendees will see the B6.7H hydrogen engine aimed at a range of off-highway machinery with a top rating of 290 hp and a peak torque of 1,200 Nm. Hydrogen combustion is robust for the extreme operating and environmental conditions witnessed in construction and quarrying applications.

"Our current B6.7 is a leader in the market, and it is important that we keep developing its capability and value for our customers as well as reducing the environmental impact," said Leitao. "The new B6.7H hydrogen engine will fit in today's machines, work with today's transmissions and hydraulic systems, and integrate into the industry's service networks and practices."

Cummins will also show onboard fuel storage that can supply hydrogen engines with fuel. Hydrogen needs to be compressed to provide enough fuel for machine duty cycle requirements. Cummins' joint venture with NPROXX, a world leader in high pressure hydrogen storage for stationary and mobile applications, will be supporting OEMs and their product integration process. Storage tanks on show will have up to 700-bar pressure capability to maximize capacity and operating range.

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