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Trio of Toro attachments make light work of heavy-duty snow clearing

A Toro snow thrower on a TX 1000 compact utility loader
A Toro snow thrower on a TX 1000 compact utility loader The Toro Company

The Toro Company's lineup of snow-clearing attachments is available for its Dingo compact utility loaders. Toro says that these attachments are built to be as versatile as the machines they mount to.

"We are continuously looking for new ways to maximize the versatility of our Dingo line and these attachments allow operators to utilize their machine all year round," said Mark Adamek, marketing manager at Toro. "Not only do these versatile attachments allow Dingo customers to tackle snow removal projects, they add to the overall value of their investment."

The Dingo snow thrower has the power to perform in both wet and dry snow conditions. Its two-stage design provides the power to break up chunks of hardened snow and throw it out of the path, leaving a clean surface. The chute can be easily adjusted from the operator's position and thanks to its electrical articulation the driver won't need to worry about hand cranking it into position.

The snow thrower features a direct-drive design for added torque and power. The worm gear drive and hydraulic relief systems can withstand harsh use. This attachment's maximum hydraulic pressure is 15.5 gpm. When it comes to maintenance, there are also no belts to loosen or adjust over time.

As with all Dingo attachments, the controls are intuitive and allow the operator to stay focused on the work. The snow thrower is designed for use with Dingo TX 427, TX 525, TX 700, TX 1000, and TX 1300 models.

To tackle snow removal in tighter spaces, Toro and BOSS have teamed up to create two snowplow blade attachments for the Dingo lineup. The four-foot and five-foot BOSS straight-blade plow attachments are perfect for quickly clearing walkways and sidewalks. The attachments utilize polyethylene blades to balance between being lightweight and durable.

Both options are built with a full-blade trip design to minimize the impact of hitting an obstacle on the operator and the Dingo machine. These attachments are fully hydraulic to deliver maximum efficiency with no winches, cables, or pulleys. Additionally, operators won't need to jump out and make manual adjustments on the blades when the weather is bad thanks to the plow attachments which are compatible with Dingo 320-D, 323, TX 427, TX 525, and TX 1000 models.

Toro's new snow canopy helps make operators secure and protected in wintry conditions. It easily attaches to Dingo TX 1000 models to shield operators from wind and snow. The canopy is designed with a wide front windshield as well as two large side panel windows to provide visibility in rough conditions.

The snow thrower, TX 1000 snow canopy, and BOSS plow attachments are available at Toro dealerships.

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