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Caterpillar’s electric future on display at CES 2024

An electric mini excavator utilizes a breaker on a job site
A Caterpillar 301.9 electric mini excavator Caterpillar

Caterpillar will highlight the idea "Power of Possible" at its CES 2024 booth spanning around 9,600 square feet. Caterpillar will showcase its electric machines and energy solutions that can aid contractors as they electrify their job sites. 

"We are delighted to return to CES to showcase our advancements in energy solutions," said Rod Shurman, the senior vice president of Caterpillar's electrification and energy solutions division. "We're putting our expertise to work on multiple advanced power technologies to enable the energy transition solutions that our customers need to be successful in a reduced-carbon world."

At the centre of Cat's exhibit will be the Cat R1700 XE LHD underground loader, which offers a 16.5-ton payload and 11.2 mph top speed. The zero-exhaust emission loader includes what Cat says is the industry's only onboard battery eliminating the need to handle or exchange batteries. It charges in less than 20 minutes when paired with two Cat MEC500 chargers. The Cat MEC500 mobile equipment charger is a standalone charging system that Caterpillar designed to charge machines quickly and safely.

Also on display is the company's 301.9 mini excavator which utilizes a Caterpillar battery.

Caterpillar's job site solutions

Job sites around the globe need power and are looking to become more sustainable. Caterpillar has developed multiple technologies to help achieve both of those goals.

At the CES2024 Caterpillar will showcase multiple different power and sustainability technologies.

Sustainable power generation

Caterpillar has and is currently developing lower-carbon intensity on-site power production solutions such as generators running on a variety of renewable fuels, solar panels, and hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

Energy storage and charging solutions

Designed for rapid plug-and-play installation and integration, battery energy storage solutions (ESS) can be used with any combination of diesel, natural gas, or renewable energy sources such as solar or wind. They store surplus power from these energy sources and then discharge from their reserves as needed. The XEX60 compact ESS will be shown at CES and can provide power to Caterpillar charging solutions.

Caterpillar offers and is continuing to develop charging options to support battery electric machines using industry-standard connectors and protocols. The Cat chargers displayed at CES are tested and validated to work with Cat equipment in the same environments where the machines are put to work.

Caterpillar batteries

The onboard battery pack on display at CES is designed to power the 301.9 mini excavator with a total capacity of 32 kWh and a nominal voltage of 48 volts. Cat battery packs utilize a modular design with factory-integrated telematics and a tough structure to endure the rigours of being used on heavy equipment.

Caterpillar power system solutions

Caterpillar will also showcase its Cat 750V electric motor and inverter at CES 2024. A 750 DC motor provides mechanical power for the machine's movement when commanded by the operator. The inverter transfers power to the electric motor from an onboard Caterpillar machine power source like a generator or battery.

Caterpillar digital insights

Caterpillar says that its digital solutions include everything from machine application use to battery monitoring and servicing needs. The ability of Caterpillar equipment and power solutions to learn about the environment and the habits of the work and operators is also crucial for safety, efficiency, and productivity. The ability to monitor each part of the ecosystem allows the company to provide advanced analytics, transforming data into insights and making it easier to own and operate equipment.

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