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Menzi Muck partners with Evolution Mechanical to offer spider excavators in Western Canada

Several Menzi Muck excavators Menzi Muck

Evolution Mechanical has signed an exclusive distribution deal with Menzi Muck AG to offer spider-walking excavators in Western Canada. This marks the 8th consecutive year of this successful partnership, since 2015. 

According to a report, the Canadian used construction equipment market was valued at USD $511.3 million in 2021 and is projected to reach USD $644.4 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 3.36 percent from 2021 to 2028. This growth is driven by a surge in government investment in redevelopment, repair, and projects for roads, hospital buildings, and bridges across the country.

Evolution Mechanical is nestled in the heart of Redwater, Alberta, and Vernon, British Columbia. Founded in 2013 as a family-owned and operated business, Evolution Mechanical has grown from a single service truck to a dedicated staff of 50 and counting.

"This partnership with Menzi Muck is not just about expanding our reach," adds Josh Caouette, president of Evolution Mechanical. "It's about joining forces with a company that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, we're not just changing the landscape of excavators; we're shaping the future of the Canadian equipment industry."

Menzi Muck AG has been manufacturing the Menzi Muck walking excavator for over 50 years. Its mobile walking excavator, named after the fairy tale character Muck, was first introduced in 1966. 

It filled a significant gap in the market, providing a solution for heavy-duty work on slopes where conventional construction equipment could not operate. The Menzi Muck excavators are renowned for their versatility, being used in various operations such as anchoring in ski regions, forest road and road construction, and laying foundations for electric pylons and cable car pylons.

This almost decade-long partnership between Evolution Mechanical and Menzi Muck AG has been mutually beneficial, bringing together a Canadian enterprise and Swiss engineering.

Features of the Menzi Muck M545x spider excavator

Menzi Muck has launched its M5-series which includes the M545x. One of the key features that make the M5-series stand out is its unique design. The machine is equipped with claws and rams that extend beyond the tires, providing an unobstructed view of the job and not impeding travel. It also has legs that can move up and down, allowing it to adapt to any terrain. This adaptability is further enhanced by the machine's ability to steer in any configuration, making it ideal for working in challenging conditions. 

The Menzi Muck M545x is also known for its power. Despite weighing 14 tons, it produces the same power as a 20-ton excavator. This is due to the Menzi Powerboom, a boom mounted horizontally in the centre part of the machine, which supplies the highest possible forces over the whole working range. In terms of operator comfort and safety, the M5-series does not disappoint. It utilizes a panoramic cockpit, extensive standard equipment, and an LCD display dashboard. 

The ergonomic joystick with proportional rocker and hand support, along with the air-suspended operator's seat with adjustable armrests and foot pedals, ensure maximum comfort for the operator. The M545x also incorporates advanced technology such as the Anticipating Power Management system, which can result in up to 30 percent fuel savings, and a Sensitive Load Sensing hydraulic system geared toward smooth and optimized performance.

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