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Ontario-based mobile crane service purchases its first-ever Tadano crane

Canada's first Tadano AC 4.080-1 all-terrain crane delivered

Two people shake hands near an all-terrain crane
Pete Smith (left), owner of Pete Smith Crane Rental & Rigging and Dan Sweeney (right), Cropac Equipment sales executive. Tadano

Pete Smith Crane Rental & Rigging Corp. is a newer mobile crane service in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The company recently purchased the first-ever Tadano AC 4.080-1 all-terrain crane in Canada.

"I bought this Tadano AC 4.080-1 because it has a 197-foot main boom and the Flex Base system that works with IC-1 Plus," says Pete Smith, owner of Pete Smith Crane Rental & Rigging Corp and a crane operator. "It was a no-brainer. I can take this machine downtown Toronto into an alleyway, I know before I even get out of the carrier cab where the outriggers will be, and it has a fantastic chart with the 20,500 pound counterweight configuration (which is legally roadable in Ontario). As for the downtown core type work for rooftop units and the HVAC mechanical side, I think this crane is going to prove handy in that market. With the competitor's crane in this class of ATs, you either get 164 or 167 [feet] of main boom. The AC 4.080-1 comes out with 197 feet, the same counterweight configuration, and the same roadability. It just made sense."

"I would like to congratulate Pete Smith with the purchase of not only the first AC 4.080-1 in Canada, but this is the first brand new crane purchase for the company," says Tadano America Regional Business Manager Justin Andrews. "It is very impressive to see such a young company build their business and clientele so quickly. This unit perfectly fits the Ontario market and Pete Smith's fleet with the longest boom and ideal 88-ton capacity."

"I approached Cropac in 2020 to discuss purchasing a crane," continues Smith. "With some other dealerships I'd walked into, it was you having to jump through some hoops. But with Bill [Cropac's president and owner], it was a face-to-face conversation, a handshake, and the deal was done. He got me into this industry, and I support Cropac 100 percent. This is a family-owned business, and he treats you like family."

"For starters, this crane features 197 feet of boom on an 88-ton machine," says Cropac Equipment sales executive Dan Sweeney. "It's also the design that somehow they've managed to get; it's a four-axle machine with great weight distribution. And in the Ontario market 90-ton cranes require two people – operator and an apprentice. So the machine's 88-ton capacity is a one-operator crane. It's going to be sought after in the market."

Tadano, Cropac, and Pete Smith Crane Rental & Rigging have a solid partnership that should flourish in Ontario and the surrounding areas. The AC 4.080-1 will serve Smith's needs as a crane and rigging service – and with their core applications like HVAC mechanical, petrochemical work, and tower crane erection and disassembly.

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