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Tycrop Manufacturing aims to introduce hydrogen-electric power solutions

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Tycrop is headquartered in Chilliwack, B.C., and operates in four locations. Tycrop Manufacturing

Over the last two years, Tycrop Manufacturing Ltd. has combined its electrification efforts with hydrogen-related technologies. Because of this combination, Tycrop says that they want to introduce hydrogen-electric power solutions.

Tycrop is headquartered in Chilliwack, B.C., and operates in four locations. Over the years, the company has manufactured heavy equipment across various industries, including transportation, renewable energy, oil and gas, agriculture, waste and recycling, forestry, heavy marine, mining, and construction.

In 2010, Tycrop embraced the philosophy of "Clean air, clean water, clean energy," and started using it as a principle for its activities. Because of that philosophy, Tycrop has employed a team to accelerate the transition to lower emission technologies in the industrial equipment sector. Tycrop says that they have recognized the need to address hgh-emissions applications that pose challenges for electrification. Together with H2 Portable, Tycrop is focused on port activities and mobile power generation.

Port activities and mobile power generation are industries with substantial environmental impact due to their high energy requirements and proximity to populated areas. The demand for zero-emission power generation in these sectors prompted the exploration of alternative solutions. Hydrogen, with its incredible energy density and zero-emission power generation capabilities through fuel cells, emerged as the ideal choice for these challenging applications.

To shed light on the regulatory challenges local manufacturers face in bringing zero-emission technologies to market, Tycrop's Hydrogen Power Specialist, Vincent Royer, will be sharing insights at the upcoming Hy-Fcell Canada Conference. The conference will feature Mr. Royer and David Coburn, the Director of the BC Hydrogen Office, Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Low Carbon Innovation discussing the pivotal role played by the BC Government in facilitating the growth of this emerging industry and overcoming regulatory obstacles.

Tycrop says they are committed to updating the industrial equipment manufacturing landscape with hydrogen-powered solutions. By collaborating with critical stakeholders in industry and government to prioritize sustainable clean energy technologies, the company aims to set new benchmarks for emissions reduction, delivering a lasting positive impact on the environment and communities served.

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