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Caterpillar 2023 compact track loader specs

A compact track loader uses a shear attachment on a job site
A Caterpillar 259D3 compact track loader Caterpillar

Compact track loaders that allow tasks to be completed more easily are becoming more valued by customers thanks to advanced technology, labour-saving machine features, and innovative attachments, which can help customers save time and make more money by automating repetitive tasks like grading, digging, and loading. Advanced technologies also allow Cat CTLs to perform these tasks with less user experience. Some of these features include dual-direction self-levelling, return-to-dig, and work tool positioning. Cat CTLs can be paired with the Smart attachment lineup: Smart Grader Blade, Smart Dozer Blade, and Smart Backhoe Attachment.

Featured: 259D3

The 259D3 provides a 75-hp package packed with standard features like torsion suspension undercarriage, two-speed travel, rear-view camera, interactive full-colour display, and Smart technology. The available one-piece enclosed cab design delivers excellent in-cab comfort. Add any assortment of attachments, including Smart Attachments, to increase versatility.

A Caterpillar compact track loader utilizes a smart grader blade. Caterpillar

Recent Caterpillar attachments for compact track loaders

Caterpillar's Smart Grader Blade

Caterpillar's new external control kit expands the use of Caterpillar's Smart Blades to Cat D and D2 series compact track loaders. These control kits enable the use of the GB120 and GB124 Smart Blades on previous model fleets. The new 3D grade control kit uses existing connections to add automatic blade control to the Cat Smart Dozer Blade.

Previously, Caterpillar's Smart Grader Blades were made available for users with Cat D3 series compact track loaders. The new external control kit provides a means to run Smart Grader Blades on all D-series and select older machines.

The new external control kit includes a third joystick for raising and lowering, tilting, angling, and wing functions like smart control for D3 series machines. In addition, it includes the wiring harnesses, a RAM mount, brackets, and all the necessary hardware required for smart grader blade control. The new external control features selectable modes for left, right, and tandem control and is compatible with Cat Grade and Earthworks GO! systems.

Caterpillar also has a 3D GPS/GNSS grade control available for use with these Smart Grader Blades. The technology guides the operator to accurately grade planes, slopes, contours, and complex curves. It provides blade vertical height and horizontal positioning guidance, or, alternatively, the system controls the blade relative to a design loaded into the grade control system.

The base Cat Smart Dozer Blade comes standard with all the required hookups to install 3D-grade control components. Software updates and hardware are available for existing machines and Smart Dozer Blades to operate grade control.

An operator remotely controls a skid-steer loader. Caterpillar

Cat Command for Loading expands to compact track loaders

Caterpillar is developing Cat Command for Loading to its D3 series compact track loaders. Cat Command provides joystick-controlled remote operation of compact track loaders, removing the operator from the machine.

Cat Command for Loading will be available in two configurations on compact track loaders – line-of-sight at the job site and non-line-of-sight operating via a remote station located off-site. By allowing the user to control the machine from a safe location, Command maintains high machine productivity in difficult operating environments.

A dealer-installed field kit makes any Cat D3 skid steer or compact track loader model Command-ready. The line-of-sight system includes indicator lights, a microphone, a wireless receiver, and antennas installed on the cabin roof with the Command activation switch mounted behind a lockable door with ground-level access. The non-line-of-sight system adds front, rear, and side cameras for 360-degree viewing. Since Command controls are integrated with machine electronics, users experience the same control response as they would operating inside the cab, allowing for productivity to be maintained from a distance.

Line-of-sight Command for Loading comes with a control console supported by a shoulder harness. Machine controls such as startup/shutdown, bucket rack/dump, and lift/lower, rpm, horn, creep control, and auxiliary hydraulic functionality are accessed through the Command console control layout.

Two different line-of-sight consoles will be available, each providing different levels of functionality and control with hydromechanical attachments. The operating range for both line-of-sight Command consoles extends up to 300 metres (984 feet) to allow for remote operation.

Smart Creep for compact track loaders

Caterpillar's global attachments marketing manager Scott Britton gave us the rundown on Caterpillar's new Smart Creep technology. Smart Creep is available for Caterpillar's D3 compact track loaders and skid-steer loaders when operating cold planer and wheel saw attachments. Smart Creep senses the load on the attachment and automatically adjusts the drive command to keep the cold planer or wheel saw running at its ideal speed.

Learn more about the technology in the video above.

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