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Two Liebherr flat-top cranes busy constructing C02-neutral thermal spa

Two cranes work at a construction site
The 125 EC-B 6 and 240 EC-B 12 Fibre cranes from Liebherr are involved in the construction of a sustainable thermal spa in Milan, Italy. Liebherr

Several Liebherr top-slewing cranes are involved in the construction and renovation of a sustainable thermal spa in Milan, Italy. The spa aims to help revitalize the De Montel stables in Milan's San Siro district. The stables were built between 1915 and 1918 in an Art Nouveau style. The De Montel stables quickly became one of Italy's most prestigious equestrian centres. Decline set in following the Second World War and the facility increasingly fell into disrepair.

A 125 EC-B 6 flat-top crane is now helping shape a new beginning at the stables. The crane features a 50 metre-long jib, a six-tonne maximum lifting capacity, and a freestanding hook height of 30 metres. A 240 EC-B 12 Fibre is also being used on the job site. The crane has a freestanding hook height of 44 metres and a 65-metre-long jib is also in use.

Thanks to their reach, the two flat-top cranes can comfortably reach all corners of the construction site. The two cranes also use an intelligent assistance system for efficient and safe lifting installed. Jibs from the EC-B series can be accurately adjusted to site requirements using two-and-a-half-metre sections.

The "Fibre" part of the 240 EC-B's name stands for Liebherr's fibre rope technology. Liebherr says that the Fibre cranes achieve significantly higher performance values compared to their steel rope counterparts and are more durable and easier to handle when reeving due to their lighter weight. Maintenance is less complicated as lubrication isn't required. Crane operators are able to see at a glance when the fibre rope needs changing. The components of the rope's cover wear out at different rates – a red layer indicates that the rope has reached the end of its service life.

There are thermal water springs running underneath the construction site at around 300 metres below the ground. Because of these water springs, the area is ideal for a thermal spa. The city spa primarily stands out because of its sustainability focus. The spa is designed to produce no CO2 emissions during operation. Its owners have opted for a whole package of measures, such as photovoltaic systems, solar thermal panels, connection to a district heating network, the reuse of rainwater, and the recovery of energy from waste.

Techbau S.p.A, a construction company based in Castelletto Sopra Ticino (NO), purchased the cranes for this project through Niederstätter, a Liebherr dealer.

"We chose Liebherr cranes based on the professional advice we received from Niederstätter. The 125 EC-B 6 and 240 EC-B 12 Fibre flat-top cranes are perfect for this project on account of their design, lifting capacity and reach," says Techbau Project Manager Mario Corrias. Niederstätter is also providing support in terms of crane maintenance and servicing. The cranes are scheduled to be dismantled towards the end of 2023, subject to progress on the job site. 

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