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Solar-powered excavator grade control system from iDig is wireless and fully portable

Components of a grade control system against a white background
iDig Connect grade control systems for excavators are portable and solar-powered. iDig

The Connect range of grade control systems for excavators from iDig are innovative solar-powered solutions that are affordable, accurate, and easy to use - while also being sustainable and respectful of the planet.

Connect is a wireless, fully portable excavator grade control system that uses a single GNSS receiver, which can double as a rover, to render 3D plans of a construction site. A patented non-measuring calibration process works with a single antenna approach to gain the heading, separating it from similar systems, iDig states.

"We are excited to introduce our Connect range to the market," said Albert Gamal, CEO of iDig. "The Connect range is designed to help our customers work smarter, be more productive, and ultimately save time and money. With our affordable and sustainable 2D and now 3D excavator guidance systems, all businesses - no matter their size - have solid tools that perform and will drive their profits without sacrificing precious resources in the field."

iDig systems include a robust control box in the cab, along with an LED bargraph display. Outside, the excavator is fitted with Bluetooth-enabled sensors that communicate wirelessly and are solar powered. The GNSS unit is easy to learn and incorporate into operations.

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