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New Cummins partnership expands access to diagnostic engine data

A Cummins X15 engine
A Cummins X15 engine Cummins

Cummins and Trackunit plan to combine their experience leveraging advanced engine insights to minimize downtime for construction contractors.

The combination of the engine experience from Cummins with Trackunit's ability to deliver harmonized and actionable insights will help drive timely decisions around machine operation and servicing.

This collaboration will provide access to valuable descriptive and diagnostic engine data that equips operators, fleet managers, and service teams to be able to increase the efficiency of machines, as well as fleets and construction projects at large.

Cummins has cultivated knowledge through its Connected Diagnostics platform. The platform considers active machine parameters as well as fleet-wide historical data in order to generate advanced insights for engine faults.

"We're excited to be expanding the Trackunit ecosystem with Cummins as the newest addition to our integration and partnership network," says Soeren Brogaard, CEO of Trackunit. "Together, we are uniquely positioned to help customers unlock the value of machine data, providing timely insights and foresight, decision-making and increased efficiencies, delivering a standardized and stronger customer experience."

This joint effort will enable engine data to flow to stakeholders and to provide critical information such as recommendations, performance impacts, and probable root causes. It should empower contractors and service teams to optimize planning and improve the health of machines, minimizing breakdowns and downtime. 

"The Cummins strategy is to connect our customers with advanced engine data and with this collaboration with Trackunit we can bring diagnostics insights to a broad range of Cummins customers in many applications," says Brittany Calas, director of digital solution delivery at Cummins. "We look forward to connecting the construction industry with business-critical data from Cummins to improve asset uptime and utilization.

For the rental market, this type of work can be especially valuable.

"This collaboration is another example of Cummins working to serve our customers. This will be especially beneficial to fleets that need to monitor equipment remotely, like those in the rental markets. We look forward to seeing the positive impact as we continue to help customers thrive," says John Gibbons, rental market director for North America at Cummins.

"The integration will deliver a standardized and improved customer experience providing access to mission-critical data in Trackunit Manager via an integration with the Cummins Cloud and implementation using the Trackunit Iris App functionality," adds Brogaard. "By partnering with Cummins, we now have a unique opportunity to accelerate the journey towards the digital transformation in construction." 

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