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Next-generation products and support focus of Hitachi at CONEXPO

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas will display 27 machines at its CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 booth. Hitachi

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas Inc. will display 27 machines at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. Next-generation Dash-7 Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders address customer needs with enhancements to core capabilities that optimize performance and reliability while reducing operating costs.

Refinements to Hitachi excavators and wheel loaders aim to maximize efficiency so owners get more for less. The next-generation Hitachi hydraulic system - the TRIAS III - features a unique three-pump system to enhance productivity and efficiency on the ZX210-7, ZX245-7, ZX300-7, ZX345-7 and ZX350-7 excavators. The TRIAS III system allows the three hydraulic pumps to work together and direct oil flow for maximum efficiency of the bucket, arm, and boom.

Select wheel loaders gain efficiency with an improved Auto Power Up function on ZW160-7 wheel loaders and above. The technology adjusts engine speed automatically for more control when climbing hills. The Auto Power Up function increases engine speed as the wheel loader slows down when travelling uphill, resulting in enhanced fuel economy and shorter travel time.

Using information to succeed

Data is gaining importance on job sites across the Americas. To address this customer need, Hitachi continues to expand the ConSite suite of telematic tools beyond monitoring machine fault codes. This telematic technology suite can be used to track and maximize productivity. Two new tools will be on display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023: ConSite Oil and ConSite Air.

ConSite Oil monitors engine and hydraulic oil conditions to proactively make operators aware before major issues become apparent. This helps drive uptime by catching oil degradation before damage to critical systems can occur.

ConSite Air provides the option to update software and access diagnostics remotely. No matter where a machine is located, the Hitachi dealer can remotely diagnose issues that may arise, leading to increased uptime. A ConSite response team rapidly resolves issues as they emerge.

Vision drives safety

Designing cabs with panoramic visibility helps create a safe and comfortable working environment. Hitachi takes this a step further with its Aerial Angle peripheral vision camera system. It provides a wide 270-degree view of the machine's immediate environment. The availability of this system will expand to include excavators from the ZX75-7 to the ZX890LC-7 as well as on ZW160-7 wheel loaders and larger.

The latest innovation in loader safety is a rear obstacle detection system with automatic speed reduction available on the Hitachi ZW160-7 and larger wheel loaders. It offers rear object detection alerts and deceleration to improve safety and reduce potential damage on the job site.

The rear obstacle detection system with automatic speed reduction is calibrated to activate when an object is detected in the wheel loader's calculated path. It has been designed to minimize false alarms that can occur with object detection systems mounted on other wheel loaders. Multiangle accelerometers disengage the system when the ground would normally set off a false alarm. This limits annoying distractions while allowing operators to build trust in the system.


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