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Simple-to-use technology gives Cat’s new wheel loaders an efficiency boost

A Cat wheel loader moves dirt around on a job site
A Cat 950 wheel loader Catepillar

Caterpillar's new Cat 950 and 962 next-generation wheel loaders feature simple-to-use technologies that boost operator efficiencies, provide consistent bucket fill factors, and increase productivity by up to 10 percent over the previous models. These loaders offer application-specific designs and technologies to excel in tough applications. Service intervals have also been extended to lower maintenance costs by up to 30 percent.

The Cat C7.1 engine found in the Cat 950 and 962 wheel loaders offers high power density with electronics, fuel, and air systems. Equipped with the automatic Cat regeneration system, the engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V, Korea Tier 5, and Japan 2014 emission standards without interrupting operation. Electric fuel priming pump, fuel-water separator, and secondary fuel filter combine with component design and machine validation to offer ideal reliability and uptime.

The technologies found in the 950 and 962 wheel loaders

A range of standard technologies on the 950 and 962 wheel loaders help monitor, manage, and enhance job site operations. Cat Payload with Assist accurately weighs material in the wheel loader's bucket and displays the data in real time to improve productivity and loading efficiency. The operator can now fully automate bucket loading using Autodig to improve fill factors and loading times. Working in combination with Autodig, new Auto Set Tires promotes proper loading technique to significantly reduce tire slip and wear.

New application profiles give operators the ability to set customized profiles for specific applications to optimize loader settings for each job. Selectable job aids allow operators of all experience levels to be more productive. Wirelessly connecting the machine to the office, Product Link gives access to production and essential machine health information for making fact-based decisions.

Available optional technologies are able to further enhance job site productivity. Available Cat Advanced Payload with Assist includes Tip Off Assist to automate load adjustment of the final bucket to match the target. Plus, its enhanced list management, site integration, and extended scale features help manage and improve productivity. Also helping to improve the profitability of operations, the optional Cat Productivity subscription provides detailed operation information.

Increased efficiency and productivity

The high bucket fill factors provided by the new Autodig with Auto Set Tires delivers up to 10 percent more productivity for the 950 and 962 compared to the previous models. Single clutch and lock-to-lock shifting of the 5-speed transmission offers faster acceleration and speed on grades. The new loaders offer improved traction with standard front manual differential locks, with optional automatic front and rear differential locks available, to increase productivity, reduce tire scuffing, and lower operating costs.

Depending on the region, the 950 and 962 are equipped with either conventional or optimized Z bar linkage. The conventional Z bar design delivers high breakout force at ground level. The optimized Z bar linkage offers parallel lift capability for precise work tool control as well as providing high breakout force at ground level.

Cat Performance Series Buckets balance bucket shape against the loader's linkage, resulting in higher fill factors and better material retention. Allowing the machine to move quickly from task to task, the Cat Fusion quick coupler offers easy tool changes without the operator leaving the cab.

Operator comfort and safety features

The Cat 950 and 962 wheel loaders have a suite of new features to increase the comfort and safety of operators. Noise levels and vibration feedback inside the cab of the wheel loaders are reduced due to sound suppressions, seals, and viscous cab mounting. These noise and vibration reduction features help offer a quieter and more comfortable cab. An HMU steering wheel enables the operator to precisely control the wheel loader and a seat-mounted electrohydraulic joystick steering option replaces the HMU steering wheel to deliver low-arm-fatigue operation. An in-cab dashboard and high-resolution touch displays offer user-friendly operation.

The new 950 and 962 come standard with a rear-vision camera to enhance visibility behind the loader. All-around visibility is achieved through the cab's floor-to-ceiling windshield, large mirrors with integrated spot mirrors, and a rear-vision camera. A multiview (360-degree) optional vision system, Cat Detect radar technology, an access light, and an under-hood service lighting system are available to further increase safe operation and maintenance.

Lower maintenance times and costs

Ongoing filter and fluid costs are up to 30 percent lower on the new models due to updated change intervals. Remote Troubleshoot, a remote diagnosis feature, connects the machine to a Cat dealer's service department to efficiently diagnose problems so the loader can get back to work quickly.

Caterpillar has also developed a new software updating technology called Remote Flash. This technology updates the wheel loaders with the most up to date software by pushing software updates to the machine in the background so that software updates can be pushed through in a safe manner. This reduces the impact of software updates on production schedules

The new 950 and 962 can be ordered direct from the Caterpillar factory with application-specific configurations to optimize performance and machine durability. Subject to regional availability, industrial and waste models feature additional guarding and reinforcement, while the forestry model increases the lift and tilt capabilities of the loader.

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