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Updated Loftness mulching head brings serviceability and durability enhancements

A compact track loader is parked in a parking lot filled with snow
A Loftness Battle Ax S Series mulching head attachment Loftness

Loftness has updated its Battle Ax S Series mulching head with new features for enhanced durability and serviceability.

Designed for skid steers and compact track loaders with 28 to 62.9 GPM hydraulic flow and 50 to 150 hydraulic horsepower, the S Series now includes a reversible secondary shear bar in the two-stage cutting chamber to always allow a fresh cutting edge. After all four edges of the shear bar have been exhausted, the bolt-on design allows it to be easily replaced. Previously, the secondary shear bar was welded on the front bumper, and only the primary shear bar was replaceable.

Next, the S Series is available with a replaceable wear liner, which helps protect the drum from excessive wear when working in abrasive conditions. It also has a bolt-in design for easy replacement.

Other design enhancements, such as a new recessed belt cover with welded body reinforcements, have been included in the latest update to protect against damage and ensure long-lasting reliability. The S series comes with a two-year warranty.

The Battle Ax's rotor design features built-in depth gauges. These depth gauges function similarly to raker teeth on chain saws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. This design is better at managing the amount of material being fed into the attachment than ring-style rotors, which many operators find to be overly limiting. The Battle Ax processes the material into consistent, well-sized particles because of the Loftness' two-stage cutting chamber.

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