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Komatsu’s new tracked harvesters harvest trees closer to the machine using an offset boom

A tracked harvester harvests a tree on a forestry job site
A Komatsu XT445L-5 tracked harvester

To harvest trees in tight, dense, and rough-terrain forests, operators need machines with maneuverability, power, versatility, and reliability. With Komatsu's XT-5 tracked harvesters, operators can harvest closer to the carrier and maneuver the machine and loads easier thanks to a lower centre of gravity and an off-set boom.

Komatsu's XT-5 closed-loop tracked harvesters enable operators to simultaneously travel, cut, delimb, harvest, and swing timber. Engineered with hydraulic lines for each function, operators can use tracks, boom, arm, and tools concurrently. 

Benefits of the XT-5 tracked harvesters

  • Greater lift capacity
  • 10 percent more horsepower
  • 16 percent more torque
  • Five percent lower fuel consumption
  • Ideal uptime and serviceability 

The short-tail swing of Komatsu's 331 HP harvesters lets operators work through dense forests and clear-cutting environments. The set-back boom allows cutting close to the undercarriage and tracks. 

Designed to increase lift capacity, handling trees with the arm fully extended is made easier. With a balance between boom lift and arm holding capacity, the XT-5 harvesters can be equipped with a wide selection of harvesting saw heads. 

The harvesters can be adapted to the job with two different working ranges. Use the short reach and larger-scaled head to harvest larger trees or switch to a longer reach and more compact designed head to grab trees further from the carrier. 

The XT455L-5 is equipped with a four-way levelling system that promotes front/rear/side levelling for exceptional stability. The fuel tank placement lowers the centre of gravity for increased stability. 

Helps lower maintenance costs and makes servicing easier

With the XT-5 harvesters, contractors can save on maintenance costs because the hydraulic tank system design requires 55 percent less hydraulic oil. Pumps are equipped with hydro-nucleation to help prevent pump cavitation and are 17 percent larger to help extend component life by operating 500 RPMs slower. The engine gull-wing and wide swing-out doors on the XT-5 harvesters offer quick and easy access to all engine service points and all key components.

Operator comfort and customization updates

Help reduce fatigue and support productivity by giving operators a roomy work environment. Excellent visibility, especially to the tracks, and ideal heating, cooling, and defrosting systems, help operators perform. When working shifts switch, the controls can switch too by adjusting to each operator's preference (up to three settings). Operators can set preferences for joystick, boom, stick, tool tilt, swing, cab levelling, and more.

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