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Kleemann expands digital platform connectivity app to select cone and jaw crushers

A cone crusher crushes material on a job site

The operating concept SPECTIVE includes various components that are ideally tuned to one another and accompany the machine operator during the entire working day. The digital extension SPECTIVE CONNECT is now available for other Kleemann crushing plants.

Simple work site digitalization with SPECTIVE CONNECT is now available for the  MOBICAT MC 120(i) PRO mobile jaw crusher and the MOBICONE MCO 110(i) PRO cone crusher. All relevant process information and reporting are displayed on a smartphone without the operator having to leave the feeding device.

Smart Job Configurator tool helps guarantee ideal machine settings

SPECTIVE CONNECT now has the configuration tool Smart Job Configurator, which helps in the selection of the correct machine settings. To start, the operator enters the data of the planned application in the SPECTIVE CONNECT app. It calculates the optimum machine settings automatically, which the operator then transfers to the machine via the SPECTIVE touch panel.

The quick entry of the machine settings can also be used by an accomplished operator as a quick-start menu independent of SPECTIVE CONNECT. Important settings can be made conveniently through a guided menu.

Selecting, recognizing, and tracking crushing tools

The new configuration tool also supports the operator in the selection of the best possible crushing tools as well as the recognition of the tools and tracking of their service life. This significantly simplifies the typical workday.

Production output is visualized

All installed optional belt scales can now also be displayed in SPECTIVE CONNECT. A convenient overview of the current production output is therefore possible via the dashboard. The data is recorded in the reporting and allows conclusions to be drawn about the output and utilization of the plant.

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