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BKT launches agricultural and industrial tire for equipment operating on ice and snow

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The BKT MULTIMAX MP 538 agro-industrial tire

BKT has launched the MULTIMAX MP 538, a new agro-industrial tire designed for different types of machinery and applications operating on ice and snow. The tires are built for motor graders, loaders, telehandlers, universal vehicles, and sweepers for road maintenance.

The tread pattern increases traction in cold environments. Due to a steel-belted casing, the tire can carry heavy loads at high speeds. The MULTIMAX MP 538 is currently available in size 405/70 R 20 MPT.

Part of the same range of tires is the MULTIMAX MP 540 which has two new sizes, the 335/80 R 18 and 365/80 R 20. The MULTIMAX MP 540 is a multi-purpose tire (MPT) intended for universal vehicles used in municipality and maintenance applications. Its main features are ideal puncture resistance plus efficient performance on hard grounds and asphalt surfaces. The tire has ideal traction and a carcass that enables carrying heavy loads at high speeds. 

There are multiple tires that belong to the MULTIMAX line:

  • The MULTIMAX MP 513 tire is designed for universal vehicles. It has a steel-belted casing and can carry heavy loads at high speeds.
  • The MULTIMAX MP 527 tire is a multi-purpose tire for telehandlers and compact loaders in agro-industrial applications. The sidewall is designed to provide ideal stability, and the tire's compound makes it reliable and resistant to cuts and tears.
  • The MULTIMAX MP 522 tire has been developed for lifting and loading operations in the agro-industrial sector providing ideal stability and traction. Due to the compound used in the tire, it is more resistant.

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