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Bridgestone tire for grading and loading applications offers size expansion to radial snow tire line

A Bridgestone VSWAS 23.5R25 V-Steel Snow Wedge all-season tire
A Bridgestone VSWAS 23.5R25 V-Steel Snow Wedge all-season tire

Bridgestone Americas (Bridgestone) has released the VSWAS 23.5R25 V-Steel Snow Wedge all-season tire, a size expansion to the Bridgestone Off-the-Road (OTR) line of radial snow tires.

Designed for grader and loader applications, the VSWAS 23.5R25 provides ideal performance in deep snow with a tread pattern that reduces stone holdings without the need for studs or chains. The VSWAS 23.5R25 is also designed for year-round use, negating the need for seasonal tire change-outs.

"The VSWAS 23.5R25 is an important size expansion within our Bridgestone line of off-the-road snow tires," says Rob Seibert, president of Off the Road at Bridgestone Americas. "This new tire size is tailor-made for the deepest of snow conditions, with a versatility in performance that fits in any season."

Features of the VSWAS 23.5R25:

  • Deep siping design for year-round use and ideal capability in snow, gravel, and soft sandy conditions.
  • A special tread design with wide grooves and angled lugs walls to help minimize stone retention, stone throw, or the need for chains, while contributing to a comfortable ride.
  • A cut-resistant compound for reduced cutting, chipping, and puncturing, which helps extend the life of the tire.

The 23.5R25 is an enhancement to the Bridgestone VSWAS line of OTR radial snow tires that includes the 14.00R24, the 17.5R25, and the 20.5R25. Bridgestone also offers the VSW, a V-Steel Snow Wedge radial suitable for icy or packed snow surfaces. The Bridgestone OTR line offers tread patterns and compounds designed for various surfaces and applications, providing reliable performance so customers can maximize job site productivity.

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