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Integrate mining equipment and vendor data into a single interface with Caterpillar's reporting platform

A mining truck carries a large load on a job site
Data collected from MineStar and other vendor technologies are complied by  MineStar Reporting into a database that can be accessed via a web browser.

Every piece of mining equipment constantly generates operating and production data that is used by Cat MineStar products to enable miners to make better decisions. Historically, each MineStar capability – fleet, terrain, health, and others – has different reporting tools for this captured data. 

Caterpillar has launched its new Cat MineStar Reporting platform for MineStar Solutions, a reporting and analytics product that can consolidate information from MineStar products. Currently, MineStar Reporting supports information from MineStar Fleet, Terrain, Health and Command for hauling. Support for MineStar Edge is currently underway, and all other products will soon be supported. 

The reports and dashboards generated by MineStar Reporting are suitable for single or multiple mine sites and can efficiently work with other sources that aren't MineStar. Plus, it provides a single data layer for presentation and analysis regardless of MineStar version. A set of reports and dashboards come standard with system installation. 

Data collected from MineStar and other vendor technologies are complied by  MineStar Reporting into a database that can be accessed via a web browser. The system allows users to create customized reports, so each person is equipped with the appropriate information, while automated email reports within the system ensure that the data is received at the right time. 

Providing more graphical content for users, MineStar Reporting expands the reporting capabilities at the mine. The solution offers upgrades to connect to other mining data sources for analysis and summary of the whole picture, including spatial intelligence, process plant data, and reconciliations. It provides product tracking with genesis tracing, stockpile management, and reconciliations.  

The core reports and dashboards included with the new reporting platform allow users to quickly view and analyze mine site data. Standard production reporting encompasses management and movement summaries, benches mined, cycle details, truck production, and grade movement and summary. Equipment performance, time stats and delay overview, activity calendar, fleet timeline, and event details are covered in the time report. Users can quickly see drilling accuracy, hole lists, and drilling information using the standard drill report. A variety of maintenance reports are included with an expanded set using machine health data.   

Growing with the mine site's use of automation, MineStar Reporting is scalable. Using Connected Mine technology in partnership with information alignment, it simplifies reporting of currently gathered data while leaving space for future solutions when the mine is ready to adopt new technologies. With all data housed in a single location independent of one solution, historical data is secure when updating or changing technology systems. 

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