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Pavement Design Assistance Program - it’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario launching new Pavement Design Assistance Program - PDAP.ca

The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario will be launching its new Pavement Design Assistance Program (PDAP.ca) at Concrete Canada running from December 4-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in conjunction with Construct Canada. The new program was created to provide engineers and consultants for both the public and private sectors comprehensive proposals for an equivalent, comparable concrete pavement alternative for their construction projects.

PDAP is designed as a FREE, simple yet detailed tool that takes the time and guess work out of the hands of road and parking lot planners when it comes to recommending a concrete pavement equivalent to a possible asphalt construction project. “The proposal doesn’t stop at just an equivalent concrete pavement cross section” said Mick Prieur, Senior Pavement Engineer for the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario.  “When an end user utilizes the program for either a road or parking lot design, they will also get in their proposal package a detailed assessment comparison that will include a Life Cycle Cost Analysis of both pavements, a Life Cycle Analysis for environmental impacts, as well as guideline specifications and additional reference materials”.

The tool is the collective endeavour of the ready mixed concrete industry in Ontario to communicate the ease of concrete use in a pavement application, and also provide real project numbers that show the ever increasing cost parity between asphalt and concrete.

The Pavement Design Assistance Program couldn’t be any easier; users just need to follow 3 simple steps:

1 SUBMIT.    Visit PDAP.ca and fill out a submission form for either a parking lot or street & road project.

2 REVIEW.    In 5-10 business days users get back a detailed comparison proposal of their project with a concrete equivalent.

3 SELECT.    Make the choice! based on equivalent, comparable cross sections, costs, data and statistics.  

The mission of this new tool is to ensure that all transportation stakeholders have at their fingertips the information they need to make an informed decision on their infrastructure and pavement projects.  The program hopes to advance the industry’s significant contributions and progress toward meeting today’s infrastructure and budgeting challenges, as well as sustainable construction practices.