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Manac adds capacity to support light capability trailer and heavy equipment transporter design bid

An off-road logistics vehicle parked in a field
A Mercedes Benz Zetros logistics vehicle which is part of the General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada's Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) program along with Manac.

Manac Inc. has added additional capabilities to support the company's recently selected bid to design and build a light capability trailer and a heavy equipment transporter for General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada's Logistics Vehicle Modernization (LVM) program.

Manac has selected K-Line Trailers to build the heavy equipment transporters at the company's Langley, B.C., plant. K-Line was founded by CEO Les Knight and is owned by the Knight family – a family with a proud Métis heritage.

K-Line has been producing custom, heavy trailer systems in Canada for a variety of sectors, including the defence sector, for over 20 years.

Tom Ramsden, vice preside of sales and marketing at Manac, says that the other Power Team members–a team of manufacturers made up of Mercedes Benz, General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada, Marshall, Soframe, and Manac that will update the Canadian Armed Forces light and heavy logistics vehicle capability– and Manac will deliver high-quality trailer capabilities in the company's LVM project bid. The company is also excited to develop Canadian trailers for the Canadian military.

The Logistics Vehicle Modernization project provides the Canadian Armed Forces ("CAF") with new fleets of light and heavy logistics vehicles, trailers, vehicle modules, and armour protection kits. The new, modern fleet will carry a larger load, be more mobile, and provide increased protection to help ensure the CAF can continue to meet national and global missions.

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