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STRATTEC® Develops Tough Theft-Deterrent System For Equipment

New i-Guard Built on Proven RFID Electronic Immobilizer Technology

STRATTEC® Develops Tough Theft-Deterrent System For Equipment

STRATTEC® Security Corporation has released i-Guard, its latest anti-theft solution, developed specifically for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries. Equipment theft has escalated over the past decade across North America, with estimated losses ranging from $300 million to $1 billion annually. Of the 1,000 pieces of equipment reported stolen each month to the National Crime Information Center, only 21 percent is ever recovered.

A robust theft-deterrent system now available for heavy equipment, STRATTEC’s i-Guard system is based on the world’s foremost automotive anti-theft technology. i-Guard is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) electronic immobilizer system that can literally safeguard costly machinery of any size from unauthorized use.

With i-Guard, a unique electronic code is programmed into the engine module and into a chip in the key or a Fob. The code is transmitted between the two components by a small antenna via difficult-to-mimic radio frequencies. When a key is inserted into the ignition or a Fob used with a push-start button, the vehicle requests authorization. If the engine and key or Fob codes don’t match, the vehicle will not start. And, unlike easily hacked GPS technology, the i-Guard system relies on radio frequencies, which the majority of criminals do not have the skills to disable.

“Deploying robust security is becoming increasingly critical as equipment theft rates rise year after year,” said Fred Kosloske, aftermarket sales manager, STRATTEC. “The i-Guard system not only can help keep costly equipment from being stolen, it can help lower insurance costs, while reducing workforce downtime and project delays.”

STRATTEC originally developed an RFID electronic immobilizer system for the major automotive OEMs, which has helped reduce auto theft in the U.S. by an estimated 40 percent since 2001. STRATTEC specifically adapted its system for the construction, fleet and rental equipment industries under the brand i-Guard, to keep machinery secure, anywhere.