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Tigercat integrates six-wheel drive skidder with steep terrain swing boom system

A skidder collects logs on a job site
A Tigercat 635H skidder

The capabilities of the six-wheel drive 635H skidder in steep terrain and cable assist applications have been strengthened with the integration of a Tigercat swing boom system initially introduced on the 635G series skidder. The additional working envelope and ability to position the grapple well outside of the working track of the machine increases productivity in applications where skidder travel is restricted or limited by terrain characteristics.

With the ability to lock the seat and operate the machine from any position with full drive controls, the Tigercat Turnaround 220-degree seat is an important advantage for swing boom skidding applications. It allows the operator to position the seat at any rearward-facing angle to align the field of view to the working area of the grapple.

The slew system at the base of the boom uses components that are common to Tigercat track machines. In addition to the increased working envelope, the boom has a higher lifting capacity compared with a conventional dual-function arch.

For cable-assisted applications, the skidder can be factory-equipped for tethering with frame lugs and through-the-blade cable routing. The lugs attach to the frame structure behind the front axle, closer to the payload.

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