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Komatsu's new log forwarder offers ideal operation in rough terrain when fully loaded

A forwarder collects logs on a job site
A Komatsu 845-1 forwarder

Komatsu's 845-1 log forwarder offers a combination of high crane capacity, maneuverability, and rough terrain capability to help operators maximize productivity.

With ideal productivity for thinning and light clear-cutting, the 12-metric-ton class forwarder offers several frame-length options. Designed for smooth operation, the 845-1 forwarder has a long reach with good lifting power and slewing torque.

Even when fully loaded, operators can maneuver with confidence in most forests. The chassis and suspensions on Komatsu forwarders are designed for performance under demanding conditions. Komatsu Comfort Bogie axles with a high portal offset and V-shaped frames provide high ground clearance.

Designed to maximize performance with high power and torque with a Tier IV Final fuel-efficient engine, the control system on the 845-1 automatically adapts to changes in engine load. A computerized HST system considers machine load, terrain conditions, power, and torque output to give operators an ideal tractive force. Hydraulic retarder overspeed protection ensures the driveline won't run too fast.

Operator benefits of the 845-1 forwarder

Operator comfort is key to productivity and the cab on the 845-1 provides excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, and a seat that delivers all-day comfort. Optional Comfort Ride suspension provides added comfort, and the ride height control keeps the cab parallel to the frame. The MaxiXT system monitors and controls everything from the engine and crane to the transmission and service ladders.

Options to enhance 845-1 forwarder productivity

Multiple options are available to enhance productivity and comfort, including bunk wideners, rear- and front-view video cameras, a computer touchscreen, and an electric fuel fill pump. For ground or stump levelling on tough terrain, an optional heavy-duty stacking blade is available. Mounted with a high angle of departure for climbing obstacles, there's no interference between blade, battery boxes, or hood guard.

Keep the Komatsu 845-1 forwarder up and running

When the temperatures drop, no need to lose valuable time. A standard diesel heater system heats the engine coolant, hydraulic oil, and the batteries to facilitate cold-weather starting on the 845-1.

Maintenance is quickly and easily completed with a service-friendly design that features an electronically powered tilting hood. All filters are located together for easy access under the hood.

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