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B2W Software's new app helps track labour hours and productivity

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B2W Software's expanded ONE Platform system

B2W Software has expanded its ONE Platform with a new mobile application for reporting labour hours, productivity, equipment utilization, and other data for individual employees working independently.

The B2W employee app is a solution for recording information on individual work logs. The data from work logs can be combined with similar data for crew-based employees collected with B2W Track electronic field logs. The unified approach gives contractors comprehensive reporting on project status as work is being performed and it makes data transfer for payroll processing easier.

"A lot of contractors have approached us about the challenge of tracking equipment operators, truck drivers, and other employees that work independent of crews and supervisors on job sites," said B2W Software founder and CEO Paul McKeon. "We responded with a mobile solution to capture and communicate this vital data and to sync it, when necessary, with data from their crew-based employees and projects."

Individuals use the B2W employee app on iOS or Android mobile devices to record hours along with the associated projects and tracking accounts. Employees can also enter hours for equipment used and production quantities for work performed. Notes can be added to the work logs, and configurable fields can be created to meet business-specific requirements like recording weather conditions, safety compliance, or other information.

Labour hours from work logs created with the B2W employee app and from crew field logs are visible in a centralized location within B2W Track, a comprehensive B2W system for field tracking and analysis. From there, administrators and supervisors with appropriate credentials can review, approve and analyze hours, and transfer data directly to accounting systems for payroll processing.

The B2W employee app includes a built-in workflow for electronic employee sign-off, submittal, and validation. Employees can use the app in a real-time, online mode. They can also create and modify work logs offline and send them to a server when a connection is established.

Individual employees can create work logs using the new app, or the logs can be created by administrators. Previous work logs can also be copied to save time in initiating new logs.

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