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Trimble software bundle combines civil construction hardware and technology solutions in a single package

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The Trimble Jobsite Connectivity software bundle links 3D models and data across Trimble civil construction hardware and software solutions.

Trimble's new Jobsite Connectivity software bundle links 3D models and data across Trimble civil construction hardware and software solutions. The solutions provide a reliable transfer of files throughout the construction lifecycle, giving contractors access to construction data both in the field and office.

"The future of construction is digital, and the release of the Trimble Jobsite Connectivity Bundle is a significant step forward in terms of making, sharing, and collaborating on 3D designs and project data faster, easier, more reliable and more efficient," said Elwyn McLachlan, vice president for Trimble Civil Software. "We frequently hear from customers that the disconnect between the design and the field is one of their biggest pain points. This solution is designed to help solve that problem by reducing the burden of handing off data and design files between the engineer and the field crew."

The Trimble Jobsite Connectivity software bundle connects the following software solutions, allowing users to purchase them more cost effectively:

Trimble Connect collaboration software

The Trimble Connect collaboration software is a cloud-based platform where project stakeholders can share, review, coordinate, and comment on construction models, schedules, and other project information

Trimble Business Centre

The Trimble Business Centre is a takeoff and modeling software that can be used to calculate earthwork and material quantities for bids, build constructible 3D models for construction surveying and machine control, and more.

Trimble WorksManager software

The Trimble WorksManager software is a cloud-based application that remotely sends construction-ready models to machines and construction surveyors in the field so operators are always working on the latest designs.

Trimble WorksOS software

The Trimble WorksOS software is a SaaS solution that integrates design data from the office with machine control as-built data to provide real-time job site progress and productivity updates.

In addition to the software solutions available as a bundled offering, the Trimble Jobsite Connectivity software bundle enables operability between other software solutions integrated with Trimble Connect, including SketchUp, Trimble Quadri BIMsoftware and third-party solutions. 

The Trimble Jobsite Connectivity software bundle makes it easy for users to synchronize projects and data with Trimble Connect to share and collaborate on construction files and all other compatible solutions. Design data from the office solutions uploaded to Trimble Connect can now be shared with machines and surveyors in the field who are using the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, Trimble Siteworks Positioning Systems, and Trimble Access survey software.

In addition to increased connectivity with Trimble Business Center, contractors using non-Trimble design software can leverage the Trimble Connect software developer kit (SDK) to integrate third-party applications with Trimble civil construction software. Users can leverage Trimble Connect or develop third-party applications to enable the import of LandXML files to easily integrate design files into construction workflows.

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