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Tenna's new layer of protection for construction equipment fleet trackers

A steel cage protects a fleet tracker
A Tenna TennaCAGE steel enclosure

Tenna has launched the TennaCAGE, a companion to the Tenna hardware product line.

The TennaCAGE provides an additional layer of protection to the TennaMINI, one of their many construction equipment fleet trackers. The CAGE is a 3/16-inch-thick steel enclosure designed to give TennaMINI trackers an even greater level of protection and security in highly dynamic construction environments while still giving the tracker the proper exposure to the sun and sky to charge and report as needed to function properly. It further serves as an even greater theft deterrent and increases the likelihood of stolen assets being recovered.

Some contractors have expressed interest to Tenna in having an additional layer of protection against theft, particularly in areas of the country where cases of construction theft are higher. The TennaCAGE is a direct response to that.

"While out in the field doing customer installs, we saw the need for heavy-duty protection as we listened to our customers' concerns about theft. We put our heads together and developed the TennaCAGE straight from those needs," says Jim George, lead implementation mechanic at Tenna. "The CAGE takes the durability of our trackers to the next level. Whether you are looking for a tamper-proof solution, protection in extra high impact areas or are mounting trackers on attachments that get aggressive use, our 3/16-inch thick, stamped steel TennaCAGE has you covered."

The TennaCAGE is the Tenna-approved design for the TennaMINI family of trackers. The CAGE was pre-tested for durability, including temperature, rust, and impact tests, as well as to verify effectiveness. Testing was performed to ensure cellular and GPS coverage is unimpacted with a clear view of the sky, and sunlight can get in to charge TennaMINI solar trackers. The TennaCAGE is designed to fit TennaMINI trackers, but TennaBLE beacons also fit inside.

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