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BAM commissions world-first electric asphalt paver from Wirtgen

An electric asphalt paver parked outside a BAM building
An asphalt paver converted to electric by Wirtgen and New Electric.

Royal BAM Group's Dutch civil engineering company (BAM Infra Nederland) has commissioned Wirtgen and New Electric to convert an asphalt spreading machine into the world's first fully electrically driven asphalt spreading paver. On an annual basis, the use of this machine will save more than 93,000 kilograms of CO₂ and 115,000 grams of nitrogen oxide emissions.

From stage V to electric

Together with partners Wirtgen and New Electric, BAM Infra has replaced the stage V motor with an electric drive consisting of a fixed battery of 270 kWh and two smartly switched electric motors. With a second 270 KWh battery, the paver can immediately be moved to the next project after a long working day. This exchangeable battery is also suitable for use in other electric equipment.

The use of the electric asphalt paver saves about 150 litres of diesel per eight-hour working day. This equates to a reduction of more than 93,000 kilograms of CO₂ and 115,000 grams of nitrogen oxide on an annual basis. The electric asphalt paver can be used for eight to ten hours on fully charged batteries. In addition to the emission benefits, this electric asphalt paver makes considerably less noise than current machines.

Sustainable solutions

BAM continuously looks for opportunities for a positive environmental impact on and in our environment. In terms of equipment, it is doing this this by training employees in 'het Nieuwe Draaien' (an efficient way of working with construction and earth-moving machines), by investing in the electrical chain and by building the world's first electric roller in 2020. Ninety percent of BAM Infra Nederland's plant runs on stage V engines with HVO as fuel. BAM aims to have the first completely emission-free asphalt set on the road by mid-2022.

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