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2021 Top Introduction: Kobelco's ED160BR-7 Blade Runner excavator

An excavator moves dirt on a job site
A Kobelco ED160BR-7 excavator

Sometimes you need an excavator, sometimes you need a dozer - and sometimes both. That's where Kobelco's ED160BR-7 Blade Runner excavator comes in. A combination of short radius excavator and dozer, this innovative machine can do more than just backfill a trench with its blade - the 105-hp ED260BR-7 has a large-capacity six-way blade with folding edges that improve transportability. The blade has power, angle, tilt and lift capability, allowing the excavator to perform site prep and slope work. Paired with a digging force of 24,800 pounds and dig depth of 19 feet, that gives this excavator plenty of flexibility on the job site.

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