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New Komatsu construction technology tracks job site activity and topography data

An operator controls a drone on a job site
This drone solution captures quantities for production tracking and billing, without personnel walking the job site to do a manual survey.

Komatsu has added Smart Construction Field and Smart Construction Drone to its suite of job site technologies. The technologies aim to help contractors complete projects on time and on budget through accurate job site activity and topography data.

Smart Construction Field analyzes job site efficiency in real time

Smart Construction Field is a mobile app that allows contractors to easily record job site activity and analyze operational efficiencies in near real time. The app allows users to track spending data and find cost-effective ways to manage projects.

Reports generated by Smart Construction Field can track daily job site conditions, and task progress can be broken down by labour, equipment and materials, including machine utilization and fuel distribution, receipts, timecards and subcontractor work. Smart Construction Field can also collect machine data from an entire fleet regardless of equipment brand

Smart Construction Drone for surveying job sites remotely 

Collecting accurate topography is now easier with Komatsu's Smart Construction Drone survey technology. This technology allows operators to remotely survey job sites and capture quantities for production tracking and billing, without personnel walking the job site to do a manual survey.

Contractors can gather and analyze data throughout each project phase with topographic surveys that incorporate hundreds of thousands of data points. With the capability to take still photos from up to 400 feet above ground level or under bridge decks, Smart Construction Drone can be used as pre-job verification or to keep stakeholders up to date. 

Smart Construction Drone pairs with Komatsu's Smart Construction Dashboard. Built to combine data from multiple sources into one comprehensive picture, Smart Construction Dashboard combines 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data, to let contractors confirm quantities and visualize job site progress. Both Smart Construction Drone and Smart Construction Field are part of Komatsu's Smart Construction solutions, an umbrella of smart applications created to help construction customers optimize their business remotely, and in near-real time.

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