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Channel frame on Morooka track carrier adds ability to bolt on attachments

A Morooka rubber track carrier on the job site
A Morooka MST-2000VDL rubber track carrier

Morooka USA has introduced the MST-2000VDL rubber track carrier for the North American market. It is purpose-built in the U.S. for utility customers, and will debut at The Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, September 28-30. 

The Morooka MST-2000VDL features a channel frame rather than the standard box frame so owners do not have to weld on permanent attachments. The new frame allows users to drill it and bolt on attachments in the same way that they are accustomed to do with their standard utility trucks. To provide a level of stability and strength to equal the box-type frame, the new channel frame uses a heavier gauge steel. While digger derricks and bucket trucks are the most popular attachment packages for this size of rubber track carrier, the MST-2000VDL will support any attachment that is appropriate for its size.

The new model is 23 feet 4 inches long, 10 feet 6 inches wide, 10 feet 2 inches high and weighs 22,740 pounds. The 249 hp CAT C7.1 engine assures reliability, durability and power and is more than capable of handling the maximum load of 22,000 pounds. At just 2.7 to 5.4 psi ground pressure, the MST-2000VDL is also suitable for most sensitive-ground applications.

In addition to the MST-2000VDL, Morooka USA will be showing a wide selection of rubber track carriers created specifically for the utility industry at the Utility Expo, including the MST-300VDL, the MST-880VDL and the MST-3000VDL. Expo attendees will also have the opportunity to check out Morooka rubber track carriers outfitted with some common utility attachments. This will include: an MST-1000VDL with a Terex TC55 Hi-Ranger aerial; an MST-1500VDL with a Terex tree trimmer aerial; an MST-3500VDL mounting a Terex General 80 digger derrick; an MST-1500VDL with a Terex C4047 digger derrick; and an MST-1500VDL outfitted with a Terex HRX55 distribution aerial.

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