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Zoomlion's remote-controlled 5G tower crane system completes first hoisting task

An employee demonstrates a control system at a conference
A Zoomlion employee demonstrates its 5G tower crane remote intelligent control system

Zoomlion has successfully demonstrated its 5G tower crane remote-control system in Zhengzhou, China, and completed its first-ever hoisting on the construction of Zhengzhou Jiangshan School.

Installed remotely, the system was developed based on Zoomlion's unmanned tower crane project with the support of the advanced 5G technology of Henan Telecom. The system enables remote intelligent control, which replaces previous operations at high-altitudes or ground level. It has filled the gap in remote intelligent hoisting of tower cranes, promoted tower crane restoration, modified the construction method, improved the operator's working environment and reduced labour intensity to ensure personal safety.

Four intelligent systems

All-around video surveillance system

This system realizes all-around and multi-angle observation of the crane's movement and surrounding area (including blind spots), which improves operation convenience and ensures construction safety;

Visualized intelligent tracking system of the tower crane hook

Composed of infrared cameras and digital sensing equipment, this system improves hoisting accuracy and effectively reduces hidden safety hazards during the hoisting process

Digital tower crane status monitoring system

The different sensors can monitor and display all parameters including boom height, wind speed, temperature and humidity and can predict motion trail to avoid danger and protect the operator's safety.

Anti-collision and intelligent dispatch system

This utilizes the low latency and stability of the 5G network, adopts binocular cameras and combines AI and computer vision technologies to achieve obstacle detection within 10 metres of the hook. 

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