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Liebherr produces 2,000th fast-erecting crane

Liebherr and Mathis Bau emplyess stand by a 34 K fast-erecting crane
The crane lifted stair elements weighing almost four tonnes for a building extension in the Swiss municipality of Giswil in the crane's first job.

Liebherr has sold its 2000th 34 K fast-erecting crane to Mathis Bau AG. The Swiss construction and transport company is a long-standing customer of the construction machinery manufacturer and already uses several Liebherr cranes in its diverse areas of operation.

This is now the sixth Liebherr fast-erecting crane for Mathis Bau AG. The handover of the milestone crane took place at Liebherr-Baumaschinen AG in Reiden, Switzerland. Company owner Daniel Mathis, who collected his new crane personally by truck, particularly appreciates the reliability of these cranes. "I need machines that I can trust and that's why I opt for Liebherr; it's a quality brand that allows me to offer my customers a first-class service." Mathis Bau AG often undertakes work on construction sites in difficult-to-reach mountainous areas.

The crane has already completed its first job, which involved making full use of its four-tonne maximum lifting capacity. The crane lifted stair elements weighing almost four tonnes for a building extension, a typical assignment for the 34 K fast-erecting crane, which is mainly used for residential construction projects. Its flexibility enables it to cover a broad spectrum of scenarios ranging from the construction of single-family homes and apartment buildings all the way to exclusive villas. The crane can also be found working on the construction of commercial premises and infrastructure projects. With a hook height of up to 26 metres, it's suited to projects with a building height of up to approximately 20 metres. A somewhat more unusual job for the 34 K involved working on one of the tallest buildings in the Benelux region.

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