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New Cat dozer offers productivity-boosting technology choices, lower operating costs

The Cat D4 bulldozer on the job site
The new Cat D4 dozer.

The latest Cat D4 Dozer features improved sightlines, reduced operating costs, and a broad choice of easy-to-use technology features. 

The D4 weighs in at 29,259 pounds (13,272 kg), with a net power of 130 horsepower (97 kW). The D4 LGP has an operating weight of 30,882 pounds (14,008 kg). 

Enhanced technology choices

The D4 features a variety of technology offerings that are easy to use and help get the most from an equipment investment.

The D4 includes several standard technology features aimed at helping operators work more efficiently, regardless of experience level:

  • The cab offers interior mounting locations that make it simple to install the grade control system of choice
  • Slope Indicate shows machine mainfall and cross-slope on the main display for easy reference
  • Stable Blade works seamlessly with operator blade inputs for smoother surfaces
  • Traction Control automatically reduces track slip to save time, fuel, and track wear
  • An optional technology package includes the standard technology features
  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist provides basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal. 
  • Updated main display makes the system intuitive and easy to use
  • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO) provides optimal mounting locations, brackets, and hardware and simplifies the installation of any brand of grade control system.

Customers can also add factory integrated Cat Grade with 3D. The system uses a GPS signal to automatically adjust blade movements - both lift and tilt - as the operator follows the design plan. Antennas and receivers are housed in a low-profile roof-mounted spoiler.

With the capability of installing 3D grade systems from Trimble, Topcon and Leica, the D4 can easily integrate into jobsites with existing grading technology infrastructures. All Cat Grade systems are compatible with Trimble, Topcon and Leica radios and base stations.

Lower operating costs

Longer service intervals contribute to up to 7 percent lower maintenance costs. Engine oil/engine oil filter service interval has been extended to 1,000 hours. Service intervals have also been extended on the air cleaner and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pump filter. LED lights offer up to six times the life of halogen to save on parts cost.

Telematics increase efficiency

Cat Link telematics technology helps take the complexity out of managing job sites by gathering data generated by equipment, materials, and people and presenting it in customizable formats.

Product Link collects data automatically and accurately from equipment assets - any type and any brand - which can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.

Remote Troubleshoot saves time and money by allowing a Cat dealer to perform diagnostic testing remotely. Remote Flash updates on-board software without a technician being present, at a convenient time, potentially reducing update time by as much as 50 percent.

Shorter sightlines

A lower sloping hood line provides up to 30 percent better visibility to the area in front of the blade. The shorter sightlines mean the visual distance between the blade and the material pile is shortened by about 40 percent, so less time is spent backing up to get a full view of the material.

In the cab, operators will find a more comfortable seat with improved suspension and multiple adjustments for personalized comfort. An easy-to-use 10-in (254-mm) touchscreen main display puts machine settings and features in easy view. A standard HD rearview camera shows prominently in the main display.

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