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Mack Defense begins production of heavy dump trucks at new Mack Experience Centre

M917A3 Heavy Dump Trucks from Mack Defense under contract with the U.S. Army

Mack Defense is now producing heavy dump trucks at the Mack Experience Centre, following an investment of $6.5 million to create a dedicated production line at the facility.

The investment will help fulfill the Mack Defense M917A3 contract with the U.S. Army, as well as allow the production of other vehicle variants.

Previously, non-armored HDT vehicles started production at Lehigh Valley Operations (LVO), where all Mack Truck Class 8 vehicles for North America and export are assembled. The HDT vehicle was then transported to the Mack Experience Centre, where final assembly including the dump body was added.

Production of the HDT trucks at the Mack Experience Centre began in Q1 2021.

The HDT is based on the civilian Mack Granite model. The M917A3 HDT was spec'd with heavier-duty rear axles, all-wheel drive, increased suspension ride height and other features to meet the U.S. Army needs.

Initial deliveries of the Mack Defense M917A3 HDT began in May 2021.

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