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How MB Crusher is helping contractors recover and reuse soil on job sites around the world

An excavator separating rock from soil
An MB-S18 screening bucket attached to an excavator is used to separate rocks from soil

When it comes to managing excavated soil, the first form of safeguarding this non-renewable resource is reusing the soil, which leaves the environmental quality unchanged. 

Excavated soil is not waste needing to be thrown away, but is instead recovered by companies and operators who aim to use it again on the job site or in neighbouring areas. To be able to reuse the soil, contractors need to separate the different types of materials from it.

With its attachments, MB Crusher provides a solution to companies who manage soil, excavated rocks, and sand while maintaining the soil's quality and functionality. There are several advantages: the environmental benefits, the company becomes more sustainable, and the construction site enjoys a positive economic turnaround. 

A MB-HDS320 shaft screener bucket used in China in order to move polluted earth, mix with other products, and neutralize pollution.

Another delicate concern surrounds excavated rocks containing polluted materials. 

The MB-HDS320 shaft screener bucket was recently used in China to move polluted earth and then mix it with other products to neutralize pollution. Quality soil was obtained quickly and allowed the company to use it immediately. The MB-HDS sorting bucket enables users to change the rotation shafts directly on the job site, allowing them to  switch from one material to another whenever necessary.

Using the right equipment helps to speed up operations, improve profitability, and limit the environmental impact when managing excavated earth. 

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