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Terex Trucks' largest articulated hauler offers assets for large-scale projects in the U.S.

Fuel consumption is an important issue for vehicles on large scale projects, and the TA400 has undergone significant improvements in this area.

As the US construction sector recovers from the pandemic, Terex Trucks has put a spotlight on its largest articulated hauler, the TA400. This fuel-efficient machine ensures highly productive operations and gets the job done. 

"With the rise in infrastructure projects in the US, the demand for equipment that can ensure high levels of productivity is increasing as well," says Robert Franklin, sales & marketing director for the Americas at Terex Trucks. "Our TA400 articulated hauler is a great fit for any upcoming large-scale projects in the country. It's a straightforward and robust machine that ensures productive work shifts every single day. Our customers in the US tell us that the hauler's strong, effective performance in even the toughest conditions helps them meet production targets and makes the TA400 such a great choice." 

Tried and tested machines 

With a heaped capacity of 23.3 m3 (30.3 yd3), the 38-tonne (41.9 tons) payload TA400 is the largest articulated hauler from Terex Trucks. Having undergone significant product improvements in recent years, the articulated hauler now delivers even better productivity and fuel-efficiency, as well as low total cost of ownership. 

The TA400 is equipped with a Scania DC13 engine, allowing the hauler to deliver heavy-duty, efficient performance in all conditions. Adaptive shifting and two speed rations ensure the TA400 maintains optimum momentum. For optimized fuel consumption, the planetary gear transmission provides smooth, efficient gear shifting. Ground level test points and a fully tilting cab, combined with an electronically raised hood, ensure ease of service and maximum uptime. 

By introducing a long-life transmission fluid, Terex Trucks has increased the length of maintenance intervals for the TA400's transmission oil to 6,000 hours and the maintenance life of the actuation hydraulic fluid has been extended from 2,000 to 4,000 hours. All of this helps keep the machines up and running longer and maximize productivity.

Terex Trucks articulated haulers ensure high levels of productivity and customers in the US appreciate their strong, effective performance in even the toughest conditions.

A strong offer 

In a bid to maximize the performance of construction vehicles, customers are also increasingly turning to technologies such as connectivity. By transmitting key machine data, Terex Trucks' Haul Track telematics system allows customers to assess the performance of their haulers and plan maintenance more efficiently. Contractors can access real-time data through an intelligent machine control system, making it easy to assess the health and condition of the articulated hauler. 

 "We sell the TA400 with a three-year warranty, telematics and planned maintenance included as standard in North America and also offer competitive finance packages for lease and wholesale," Robert concludes. "This - together with the compelling performance of our hauler and our strong commitment to product support - makes the TA400 a great choice for upcoming large-scale infrastructure projects in the U.S."

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