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HCSS updates drone-based data analytics platform with new features for heavy civil contractors

HCSS aerial drone software platform
Automated grade checking feature.

HCSS has introduced a new version of HCSS Aerial, a drone-based data analytics platform. This new version of HCSS Aerial contains design visualization and digital inspection enhancements.
The new release of HCSS Aerial includes:

  • Design Visualization Enhancements - The look and feel of the 2D designs on the models are enhanced. HCSS Aerial now displays designs on the model as 2D clamped to the ground.
  • Image Duplication Detection and Validations - The upload wizard now helps you achieve even more accurate models by validating that the uploaded image set doesn't contain duplicates. This feature doesn't only check for duplicated image names but analyzes location data and time of capture for superior detection. The upload wizard also warns you of images that do not have complete GPS information. 
  • Enforced Checkpoint Marking - To improve accuracy reports, Ground Control Points cannot be set as a checkpoint if it is not marked on at least two different images.
  • Auto-Georeferencing Supporting Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Flights - HCSS Aerial's unique auto-georeferencing models now support RTK flights. Georeference your RTK flights automatically for accurate and consistent models.
  • Hassle-free Import and Support of Native Design Files - HCSS Aerial supports all leading design file formats - DXF, DWG, DGN, and LandXML - for progress monitoring analytics and design overlay visualization for quality assurance. With HCSS Aerial, contractors do not need to have CAD experts, conversion tools, or data quality checks. Upload native design files and start your work. 

HCSSA Aerial is also in the process of beta testing a new feature for digital inspections and automated grade checking that transforms 2D designs into digital data model objects, calculates grade checking reports, and further automates progress monitoring. This entirely digital process significantly reduces work, prevents human error, and ends the construction companies' dependence on several software tools to perform these frequent reports.

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