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Indexator to launch smart rotator system

indexator rotator systems smart rotators
Within existing rotator interface Indexator offer smart rotator systems for semi or full automation.

Over the course of 2021, Indexator Rotator Systems will fully launch a smart rotator system. With the patented and verified Indexator smart system, the rotator position and angle velocity will be sent back to the base machines control system. This enables the possibility to develop semi- and full-automation system on the rotator function. 

By using the smart rotator system, machine operations will be more productive and thereby more profitable for the machine owner, says Emma Forsgren, Engineering Manager at Indexator. 

Besides determining rotator position and angle velocity, the sensor also has a palette of diagnostic codes which is sent back to the system.

One benefit of the smart rotator system is that it is available within Indexators standard rotator interface towards crane tip and tool, which eliminates or minimizes the need for hardware redesign.

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