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Hitachi launches service plan for select excavators to help lower long-term ownership expenses

three workers in front of Hitachi excavator

Hitachi Construction & Mining Division has introduced the new ZX Secure Service Plan for select construction excavators that will further support Hitachi customers by providing routine equipment maintenance by expert dealer service technicians at every 500-hour interval. 

"The new ZX Secure Service Plan can help lower long-term ownership expenses and unplanned downtime," said Mark Wagner, manager, services business, Hitachi Construction & Mining Division. "The benefit of this program is that your machine stays efficient and reliable, so it can tackle the demands of jobs day-in and day-out and can help increase uptime which impacts customers' bottom lines."

Instead of supervisors and managers taking valuable time to ensure machine upkeep, with the ZX Secure Service Plan, experienced Hitachi dealer service technicians will complete maintenance for eligible construction excavators every 500 machine hours. 

A Hitachi ZX130 excavator.

The new ZX Secure Service Plan helps avoid missed service intervals, so the machine's uptime and productivity are further increased. Plus, the machine owner can see a lower cost of machine ownership and operation over the equipment life cycle. 

"Many Hitachi excavators come standard-equipped with Hitachi's ZXLink remote machine monitoring system," Wagner said. "When ZX Secure is combined with the power of ZXLink telematics, the dealer can monitor machine status and coordinate with the customer to schedule maintenance in a timely manner that is convenient for their operation." 

ZX Secure will be available for select Hitachi construction excavators ranging from the ZX75US-5 to the ZX870LC-6 in the United States and Canada beginning in May of 2021. 

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