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ECA brings greater drilling depths to U.S. and Canada

ECA bauer mc 96 duty cycle crane
Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) is bringing the unique BAUER MC 96 Duty-Cycle Crane paired with hanging Berminghammer lead assembly to North America to allow its customers to achieve drilling depths of up to 150 feet (45 meters).

Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) is bringing the BAUER MC 96 Duty-Cycle crane paired with hanging Berminghammer lead assembly to North America. Customers can now achieve drilling depths of up to 150 feet (45 metres). 

When equipped with the 138-foot-long (42-metre) Berminghammer lead, BAUER's 130-ton duty-cycle crane can reach depths of up to 150 feet (45 metres).

The specially adapted MC 96 mast geometry allows an operator to drill in single-pass mode using the complete mast length. This means that the 750-millimetre auger can achieve a depth of 115 feet (35 metres) in a completely continuous drilling process. It is also possible to attach a Kelly extension to drill down an additional 33 feet (10 metres).  

This customized rig represents a partnership between two of the world's leading manufacturers of foundation equipment. Berminghammer and BAUER Maschinen collaborated to develop this special lead setup specifically for the MC 96 series of duty-cycle cranes in 2020.  

BAUER and Berminghammer also developed special joint kinematics to allow the lead itself to be rigged easily and quickly. No additional modifications are required to connect the Berminghammer lead to any MC duty-cycle crane.

In addition to the latest drilling features such as drill or pull assist, the MC 96 uses a standard BAUER KDK 280S rotary head, which is powered by the onboard Caterpillar C18 engine. This means that no additional power pack is required, which reduces noise levels and operating costs. 

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