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Manitex Valla launches new ultra-compact electric mobile crane

Manitex Valla V 36 R radio controlled ultra-compact electric mobile crane

Manitex Valla, a subsidiary of Manitex International based, has launched the brand new V 36 R radio controlled ultra-compact electric mobile crane.

Due to its width of 900 mm and a maximum height of 1650 mm, the crane is able to pass through industrial doors, easily bypass obstacles, and allow work in areas with space limitations.

It offers a maximum lifting capacity of 3600 kg, a lift height of 7.5 meters, and a maximum horizontal reach of 4.75 meters with 500Kg of capacity. This allows the operator to lift, move and position loads without compromising on power and precision.

The new ultra-compact Valla is characterized by a simple and intuitive use and  it is the ideal tool  for all applications that require an easy-to-maneuver machine with excellent performance and a high level of safety.

"The primary goal that we set ourselves in the design of the new V36R was to combine maximum performance and versatility of use while remaining in minimum dimensions," explains Carlo Forini, general manager of Manitex Valla. "In short, this new model is the solution to the growing needs of safe handling of loads in confined spaces; a crane that can fully meet market expectations in terms of safety, performance, size and, of course, respect for the environment."

"We all know how  the topics 'safe' and 'green' are increasingly at the centre of the debate, it is no coincidence that we see that regulations are becoming more and more stringent globally," says Steve Filipov, CEO of Manitex International. "Valla, since 1945 and even more today  proposes itself as a proactive company on this. Our mission is to offer solutions to help companies and rental companies to overcome the challenges of the present and the future. At the same time, we offer our experience and technology to increase productivity by offering the better return both from an economic and environmental point of view."

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9725 Industrial Drive
Bridgeview, IL
US, 60455


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