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Unicontrol launches intuitive control system specifically for backhoe loaders

bengt thisner backhoe operator with peab was the first to us the new unicontrol solution in a huddig machine

Unicontrol has launched its latest innovation: an intuitive control system intended specifically for backhoe loaders. The project was run in partnership with Huddig. Together, the two companies have developed a user-friendly control system for machine operators that not only widens the scope of backhoe operations, but also paves the way to increased profits.

The less time construction machines spend standing still on site, the better it is for the bottom line of the project. Even though backhoes are much more versatile than standard excavators, these machines are often overlooked on large construction sites because there has not been a 3D control system that has covered all of their many functions. As a result, backhoes have not been able to collate all the relevant data and keep pace with the wave of digitalization sweeping through the construction sector.

 Unicontrol and Huddig worked closely with backhoe operators in the development project to assure a peerless level of user-friendliness in the final universal solution.

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