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Caterpillar introduces ten new utility compactor models in 2- to 5-tonne range

Line includes new GC series models powered by engine that doesn’t require aftertreatment to meet Tier 4 Final emission standards

The CB2.7 GC Utility Compactor.
The CB2.7 GC Utility Compactor.

Caterpillar has expanded its 2- to 5-tonne product offering by introducing ten new tandem and combination utility compactors that deliver increased productivity, simple operation and easy maintenance. These versatile rollers take on a range of soil and asphalt applications, including parking lots, driveways, urban streets, landscaping and small construction sites. 

The new Cat CB2.5, CB2.7, CC2.7, CC 2.9, CB4.0, CC4.0 and CB4.4 models are built for power and production. The Cat C1.7T engine meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards. Advanced hydraulics and exclusive power management software deliver enhanced performance on grades. Their new auto idle shutdown feature helps to conserve fuel and hours. 
Designed for rental and low- to medium-duty applications, the Cat GC series compactors deliver low total cost of ownership, simplified maintenance and long-term durability. Powered by a turbocharged Cat C1.7T engine rated at 24.6-hp, the CB2.5 GC, CB2.7 GC and CC2.7 models meet Tier 4 Final emission standards without an aftertreatment system, simplifying maintenance and lowering service costs. These models are ideal for low to medium-grade applications like driveways and parking lots. 
The reengineered operator controls features simple rocker switches and easy-to-read Cat display for intuitive operation, so even inexperienced operators can quickly learn. A switch efficiently controls low/high vibration frequencies, while auto vibration control ceases vibration when the travel lever is in neutral to prevent marking of the asphalt mat. Available dual propel levers help to improve operator comfort.  
Offering compaction widths from 39 in (1 000 mm) to 54 in (1 400 mm), all new Cat utility compactors feature large drum diameters for a smooth mat finish and thick drum shells for added durability. The rollers' 2 inch (50 mm) drum offset improves compaction efficiency when rolling next to curbs. A narrow frame design allows for improved visibility to the job surface and drum edge. Optional compaction measurement value (CMV) displays measured material stiffness to the operator, improving compaction performance, eliminating unnecessary passes and improving consistency. 
Both the standard and GC series models incorporate a water tank gauge for continuous monitoring from the operator's station, so the tank does not run dry. Better positioned nozzles on the spray bars improves water coverage on the drum to prevent material pick-up. The inventive new spray test mode on the water system facilitates testing and adjusting nozzle angle to ensure proper drum coverage. 
To help service technicians quickly diagnose existing and potential issues, the new utility compactor line now features standard Cat ET (electronic technician) diagnostic software. When connected to the electronic control module (ECM), Cat ET accesses diagnostic information such as status parameters display, active diagnostic codes viewing, logged diagnostic codes view, and diagnostic tests and calibration to help identify machine issues. 
Standard product link technology captures critical operating data, fault codes and machine location information to boost fleet management efficiency. Optional remote troubleshoot analyzes real-time machine data for diagnostics of fault codes without impacting machine productivity and potentially saving a service trip to the jobsite. Allowing for machine software updates around the production schedule, optional remote flash ensures these utility compactors are operating with the most current version of software. 

The new Cat compactors now come with standard a 3-in (76.2-mm) high-visibility orange seatbelt to make jobsite safety visible. Slip resistance steps and platform help to improve operating safety. An operator presence sensor in the seat prevents unintended roller operation while not seated. Multiple optional LED lighting packages are available to help bring visibility on the jobsite.

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