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ALI Excavation Group receives permission to begin major brick, concrete and asphalt upgrading project

ALI Excavation Group work site
ALI Excavation Group's plans for the future will result in the renewal and optimization of its Valleyfield site.

Following an application for a certificate of authorization filed in 2017, the ALI Excavation Group has just obtained authorization from the Quebec government to carry out a major brick, concrete and asphalt upgrading project, under the provisions of the Environment Quality Act.

In the short term, the company plans to make major investments in the establishment of a recycling centre that will significantly expand the production capacity of the current recycling centre by giving it a 360-degree operational concept integrating the recovery, crushing, revalorization and recycling of asphalt, brick and concrete materials that are then transformed into stone and returned in various forms to the markets for a second life.

"This project is a perfect illustration of the ALI Excavation Group's ability to adapt when it comes to applying, as here, the principles of circular economy in a spirit of sustainable development," said President Marc-André Loiselle.

Loiselle explained that this valorization centre was part of the company's strategic development plan, which identified several areas of investment totalling several million dollars over the next few years, with the goal of creating facilities with the most modern and efficient civil engineering logistics platform in the Quebec construction industry.

Loiselle also cited the modernization projects for the used oil treatment centre and the asphalt plant as an example, which will make way for major upgrades, including the installation of a new control station to increase production capacity in order to more efficiently serve municipalities and businesses that do not have a plant. 

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