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Skyjack releases new micro scissor lifts for low-level access

skyjack division’s new micro scissor SJ3013

Skyjack's new micro scissor lift represents a new presence in the low-level access arena. Designed to easily access tight space with quiet and swift electric drive and low floor load ratings, Skyjack's micro combines low cost of ownership with good product support. 

There are two micro scissors coming to market: the SJ3013 for the ANSI market, and the SJ3014 for the CE market.

"The demands the European market prioritized increased height over a wind rated machine. So the SJ3014 boasts a 14 foot platform height and a working height of 20 feet," Kristopher Schmidt, product manager of Skyjack explains. "In North America, the demand for a wind rated machine was greater, so platform and working height were reduced to accommodate that with the ANSI SJ3013. This has a platform height of 13 feet, working height of 19 feet and is wind rated for one person."

Skyjack also chose direct electric drive in response to growing demand for low-level powered access equipment with increased duty cycle expectations. The micros provide up to 25 percent gradeability, fully proportional drive and lift controls, and limited maintenance on wheel motors.

"We've thought about the best way to introduce a micro scissor lift to our product lineup for some time now," Schmidt continues. "The micro combines some features from our DC scissor lifts, including our new ECOTRAYTM leak containment system, and the versatility that comes with a wind rating that increases fleet flexibility and electric drive that provides improved duty cycles."

Commonalities across both standards include variable speed rear-wheel electric drive, a 20" (0.5m) roll-out extension deck, consistent torque even at its maximum 25 percent gradeability, and is rated for two people. The overall compact size was achieved without compromising the work area, which gives it the ability to fit on most standard elevators, confined workspaces, and the SJ3013 easily fits through a standard doorway without folding its rails.

"Our micro scissors stand as somewhat of a milestone product for Skyjack," explains Skyjack president Ken McDougall. "It's our first time stepping foot into the micro scissor category and we're heading in with not one, but two models specifically designed with their respective regions in mind. We've had a few models on-site to test with some customers since Q4 2020 and they've been well received."

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