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New Skyjack boom lifts aim to improve customers' return on investment

New skyjack boom lift

Skyjack has launched 40 foot and 60 foot booms, leveraging its SMARTORQUE technology and data-driven design to improve its customers' return on investment.

Skyjack recognized that some of its booms had room for further optimization. Their team came to this conclusion through two realizations: these models were employing larger engines that machines themselves weren't taking full advantage of; and the power they did have available wasn't being fully utilized by operators. Taking this information into consideration, Skyjack took a similar approach to when it updated both its telehandlers and full-size RT scissor lifts.

"Skyjack's SMARTORQUE optimizes the gearing of our axle-based system, along with a simplified, high efficiency hydraulics package," explains Corey Connolly, product manager at Skyjack. "So that our new 40 and 60ft booms are able to employ less than 25 horsepower engines to deliver the same on-site job performance as higher powered units."

The new Skyjack models offer increased return on investment through:

  • Significantly less sensor & emission regulation components minimizes any associated downtime.
  • Reduced fuel usage through reduced engine size.
  • No downtime related to after treatment components clogging in colder climates.
  • No dealing with customer issues on active regeneration.
  • No expensive Diesel Oxidization Catalyst (DOC) or Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) maintenance or replacement.
  • Reduced engine OEM intervention and loss of uptime.
  • No reliance on ultra-low sulfur fuel reduces costs and improves resale options.

The new models rolled out by Skyjack are:

  • SJ40T+ (replacing the existing SJ40T+)

  • SJ45T+ (replacing the existing SJ45T+)

  • SJ45AJ+ (replacing the existing SJ46 and SJ46AJ+)

  • SJ60AJ+ (replacing the existing SJ51/SJ63 and SJ63AJ +)

Company info

55 Campbell Road
Guelph, ON
CA, N1H 1B9


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