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First Liebherr R 9150B electric mining excavator now operating in U.S

The Liebherr R 9150B E on a mining site
The R 9150B E is electronically driven.

The first Liebherr R 9150B hydraulic mining excavator in electric configuration is currently in operation in the United States. 

Last year, Youngquist Brothers received their newest Liebherr hydraulic mining excavator, the R 9150B E, which is the first in the U.S. market. The new R 9150B E joins an R 994 E currently owned and operated by Youngquist Brothers and is a primary producer for the mine today.

Youngquist Brothers Rock, located in Fort Myers, Florida has been an early adopter of electric hydraulic technology in the the U.S. and continues to utilize electric drive equipment in their operations to reduce emissions. The operation utilizes two walking draglines and two large electrically driven Liebherr hydraulic excavators to safely and efficiently produce in eight million plus ton of rock annually.

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